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Why You Should Order A Tequila Cocktail Next Time You Eat Sushi
Tequila is available in many flavorful and aromatic varieties that can pair well with just about any food, as well as other cocktail ingredients. While tequila is a typical match for tacos, this distilled liquor can also be a superb companion to a colorful and vibrant platter of sushi, and different tequilas are suited to different fish.
Blanco tequila pairs well with sashimi because its mineral and citrus notes cut through the richness of fattier fish. You can pair a buttery Dutch Yellowtail with a floral Highlands variety, oily tuna or salmon with an acidic and earthy Lowlands blanco, and grilled tako (octopus) or fried oyster sushi with a smokier tequila, or even mezcal.
Since tequila works amazingly well with citrus, it makes a great addition to cocktail drinks like the margarita, Paloma, El Apio, or smoky Leña Ice, all of which can pair well with sushi. If the tequila and sushi combo is not your style, dry Champagne can give you a similar fresh, palate-cleansing effect while enjoying your meal.