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Why You Should Never Use Pre-Minced Garlic For Garlic Bread
When making homemade garlic bread, you can choose which type of bread to use, whether you'll baste it with butter or olive oil, and any extra flavorings you desire. However, there is one choice that you should always make if you want the best flavor for your bread: using fresh garlic, not the pre-minced stuff in a jar.
Pre-minced garlic may be a time saver, but supermarket brands are majorly lacking in allicin, the compound that gives garlic its distinct flavor. Jarred garlic's taste is significantly more subdued than fresh, leading to lackluster garlic bread; if you still want to save on time and avoid doing all that mincing yourself, try this tool.
Consider investing in a garlic press to make garlic bread and other dishes faster. The one-function kitchen tool may seem unnecessary, but if you frequently use garlic, it's a super-handy gadget to have around, since it effortlessly presses garlic through small holes, mincing it super-finely in a second.