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Why You Should Never Store Whiskey On Its Side
Whiskey connoisseurs are willing to pay a pretty penny for a great bottle, and there are even “unicorn whiskeys” that are named due to their rareness and scarcity. If you're lucky enough to buy such a high-quality spirit, you absolutely must store it properly in a cool, dark location, and always standing upright, not on its side.
While some alcohols like wine benefit from being stored on their side, this should not be done with whiskey bottles, because the bottle's cork can break down when it comes into prolonged contact with the strong alcohol. This leads to the whiskey leaking out of the bottle, and can also have negative effects on the spirit's flavor.
That being said, it is a good practice to tilt the bottle of whiskey a few times per year to allow for the whiskey to wet the cork, as it helps to prevent too much oxidation of the whiskey. Go ahead and pop the cork on that beautiful bottle of whiskey, but just remember to return it to its upright position after enjoying it.