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Why You Should Never Reheat Pork Roast In The Microwave
As convenient as a microwave can be, it’s no secret that too many dishes fall victim to its uneven heating results, caused by the appliance easily penetrating water molecules than fat molecules. While reheating your leftovers in the microwave is a low-effort task, there is a glaring issue to this method when you reheat pork roast.
If you have ever reheated chicken, beef, or pork in the microwave, you might be familiar with that horrid, meaty stench, called warmed-over flavor. It essentially makes reheated meat taste raw and sulfurous, which results from the rapid breakdown of lipids, per food scientist Margaret Tims Younathan.
Younathan's study further shows that microwaving meat results in higher levels of malonaldehyde, which contributes to the odor. M. Susan Brewer at the Swine Extension of the USDA also notes that the warmed-over flavor varies with different meats, and while pork doesn’t have as bad a result as fish or chicken, it’s still best to reheat pork roast and ribs in the oven.