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Why You Should Never Put Wet Food On The Grill
The joy and excitement of summer and grilling season can make you do brash things like taking meat straight from the marinade container and throwing it on the grill. According to celebrity chef Bobby Flay, when you throw wet meat on the grill you’re not allowing your grill to do its job.
AZ Central reveals that meat with a "dry surface" is critical if you want to get that nice crusty sear on your steaks, pork cutlets, and chicken synonymous with grilling. Even if you are marinating meat, you do not want to throw it on the grill if it is dripping with liquid.
The mistake with leaving it wet is that you risk it steaming rather than grilling, and then all of your efforts are for not, and your grill is not doing its job. Instead, you will want to take a paper towel and gently mop up that visible moisture.