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Why You Should Never Overcook A Sirloin Steak
Sirloin steak has much to offer for meat lovers: it's relatively lean and low in saturated fats, meaning you can indulge more in its delicious meaty flavor. Sirloin can be divided into two different cuts: the top sirloin, which is excellent for grilling, and the bottom sirloin, which is typically used for roasting or stewing.
Whether you're using a top or a bottom sirloin, there's one rule of thumb to keep in mind: don't overcook these steaks. Fattier steaks can stand up to the heat, but it's best to cook a sirloin to medium doneness or rarer than that, because sirloin doesn't have a lot of fat on it and tends to dry out easily when overcooked.
Generally speaking, lean cuts of meat do better when cooked more slowly and at lower temperatures, which allows the collagen and muscle fibers to soften, making the resulting texture more tender. No matter how you cook a sirloin, be sure to give it some time to rest to keep the juices locked into the steak.