Homemade  pickled baby beetroot in glass preserving jar on black stone background
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Why You Should Never Get Rid Of The Liquid From Canned Beets
While they may not be as popular as other canned vegetables, there are lots of reasons to love canned beets, from their long shelf life and hassle-free prep to the many vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants they have. An extra reason to love canned beets is their vibrant purple brine, which has a lot of uses and shouldn't be wasted.
Beet brine is typically quite bland, and it's the perfect way to revamp your favorite recipes and add valuable nutrition — but no off flavors — to a dish. Foods Guy suggests using unsalted beet liquid by mixing it into a smoothie, or adding it to spreads and sauces to give your dishes a vibrant color and a bit of extra nutrition.
Salted beet brine can be used in savory dishes like soups and stews; if a recipe calls for water, simply replace the water with some beet brine, but be careful not to over-salt the dish later in the recipe. Additionally, unseasoned beet brine can be used as a creative and sustainable food coloring while baking.