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Why You Should Never Get Rid Of Eggshells In The Garbage Disposal
The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink grinds up food waste and other scraps so it can pass through your pipes without clogging them. However, this tool is not foolproof, and there are a few things you should never put down the garbage disposal, including one that might surprise you: eggshells.
Garbage disposals don't use blades to grind up food; they rely on impellers, which are tiny moving parts that swivel around to crush food. Eggshells are tricky because the membranes attached to the shells can instead attach themselves to the impellers, and the shells can also create buildup that gets stuck in your pipes.
Interestingly, some plumbers recommend tossing eggshells down the garbage disposal and grinding them up to clean the machinery, using the coarse texture of the crushed-up shells. However, the claim that eggshells benefit the garbage disposal is just a myth, and does more harm than good.