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Why You Should Never Freeze Raw Chicken In Bulk
There are a lot of benefits to buying items in bulk, such as items being cheaper, fewer trips to the grocery store, and potentially less packaging waste. However, buying items in bulk can also have drawbacks, such as taking up more storage space, being more likely to expire, and being more expensive upfront.
Buying rice, canned goods, toiletries, and household supplies in bulk is recommended, but buying perishable items in bulk milk, eggs, fresh produce, and meat should be avoided. When it comes to freezing poultry, it is best to freeze them in smaller portions, so it is easy to take out small quantities in the future.
Begin by portioning the chicken, then wrapping each portion first in freezer paper or plastic wrap, then wrapping it in a piece of aluminum foil, and finally storing the wrapped chicken in a plastic container or freezer-safe bag. This technique will help minimize the risk of freezer burn on the meat and prevent air from getting trapped.