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Why You Should Never Cook Oatmeal In Milk
For many, oatmeal is their go-to choice for a healthy, nutritious breakfast. While plain on its own, it can be combined with a variety of dressings and prepared in a number of ways — but one thing that shouldn’t be used to cook it is milk.
Cooking oats in milk will result in oatmeal that is gluey, sticky, and thick --- in other words, all the things most people want to avoid when it comes to their oatmeal. Instead, adding a splash of milk after the oatmeal is cooked will add its extra creamy flavor without the unpleasant stickiness.
What you should also add to your oatmeal is a pinch of salt, at the start of the cooking process to really bring out the nutty flavor of the oats. For a more custardy texture, try elevating your oatmeal with an egg, or try transforming the flavor profile of your oatmeal with tea.