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Why You Should Never Cook Bacon In A Scorching Hot Pan
Whether you prefer your bacon on the chewier side or more crispy, everyone can agree that having one side of the strip well-done and the other with an undercooked, rubbery texture is appetizing to no one. The way you heat up your pan while cooking bacon can really impact the final texture.
If your pan is heated up on a higher setting when you drop in your bacon, the exterior fat of the bacon will sear quickly, leading the exterior of the strip to burn before the inside is done. And because the fat can’t melt at a gradual pace, the bacon won’t be able to come to a complete crisp.
In addition to watching your heat control, it’s also good to find a pan that heats up slowly; cast-iron is your best option, as the metal heats up at a gradual pace. Try to turn the stove on after putting the bacon in, cook it at a medium low, and only turn it on high once the fat renders out.