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Why You Should Never Buy Black Strawberries
White strawberries, which are popular in Japan, have been trending online during the summer of 2020, with TikTok users extolling this strawberry cultivar's high prices and high quality. If you're curious about other types of exotic strawberries, stay vigilant about misinformation — and stay away from black strawberries.
The reason for our warning is simple: black strawberries are not real. Darkly-colored strawberries exist, but they are dark purple; "black strawberries" were first created by photographer Jonathan Knowles using resin and spray paint, and this may be the origin of rumors that black strawberries are a real fruit that can be grown and eaten.
Some online vendors claim to have black strawberry seeds for sale, but these are scams; always stick to reputable seed sellers in general. You may be disappointed that black strawberries don't exist, but that can't stop you from enjoying real strawberry varieties that come in colors including red, yellow, white, and purple.