Green tea matcha powder in a ceramic bowl over a powder matcha background
Why You Should Mix Matcha With A Bamboo Whisk Instead Of Metal
Unlike a metal whisk, bamboo whisks feature numerous (typically 60 to 100) thin prongs or tines, making them the far better option for preparing matcha drinks.
Matcha powder tends to clump when added to a liquid. A bamboo whisk helps separate the powder, creates an even suspension of the powder in liquid, and adds proper aeration.
All these features combined result in the smooth and frothy texture you want in a good matcha drink. While you can use a metal whisk, you just won't get the same results.
If you don't have a bamboo whisk, a better metal whisk alternative is a milk frother, though it won't be able to froth up any matcha that remains at the bottom of the bowl or cup.