A senior man is showing a homemade quiche that he is holding fresh from the oven
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Why You Should Let Your Pie Sit Before Slicing
Pie is one of the most classic and comforting desserts, and most recipes are a labor of love, making them suited for special occasions and holidays. After making your crust and filling and waiting for it to bake, you'll probably want to dig in, but there is one more step that you don’t want to skip, and it requires more patience.
A good pie not only tastes delicious, but holds its shape when sliced, so as eager as you may be to dive right into your steaming hot dessert as soon as it's out of the oven, you should let it rest for at least an hour. The last thing you want is for your filling to flood out and your crust to fall apart when you try to serve the pie.
Letting your pie rest helps the bubbling filling solidify and the ingredients will bind and settle properly, avoiding a soggy mess, and this is true for both fruit pies and custard pies like chocolate or pumpkin. Don't worry about your pie cooling too much after just an hour or so; it will still be warm when you finally serve it.