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Why You Should Keep Milk Powder In Your Pantry
Milk powder, also known as powdered or dry milk, isn't the most common ingredient to keep in the pantry. You might buy a package to use in one single baking recipe, or to make sure you're covered in the event of a milk shortage, but this ingredient deserves to be fished out of the cabinet, dusted off, and used in all kinds of recipes.
Powdered milk can amp up the flavor and creaminess of ice cream, help pastry crusts brown beautifully in the oven, and make homemade white sauce and cheese sauce much easier. Dairy Discovery Zone also suggests the product to thicken canned soups, hot grits, or mashed potatoes, which adds some extra calcium and vitamins.
The dairy flavor and fat content in dry milk makes it a great thickener and enricher, while the lactose makes it helpful when browning foods, while adding no extra liquid to the recipe. Chef Sara Hauman combines dry milk with brown butter to create brown butter powder that adds a rich toasty flavor to both desserts and savory dishes.