Lasagna in pyrex fresh out of the oven on cutting board
Why You Should Include Two Sauces When Making Baked Pasta
Baked pasta typically consists of sauced noodles and other ingredients topped with grated cheese. However, you can make your dish even better by using mornay cheese sauce.
Mornay is made by melting cheese into béchamel, a French sauce made of butter, flour, and milk. When combined with marinara, it adds richness and a punch of cheesy flavor.
Prepare your baked pasta dish as you normally would, and when it’s time to add tomato sauce, fold mornay into the marinara first. Then simply sauce, bake, and enjoy.
Now, you don't have to worry about grated cheese burning, drying out, or turning rubbery and congealed on top of your pasta. Mornay stays perfectly creamy for pasta perfection.