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Why You Should Go Heavy On The Seasoning For Slow Cooker Meals
Once you're familiar with the process of slow-cooking, you may have a tough time stepping away from your most trusted recipes. However, while slow cookers produce some of our favorite dishes, the hours-long cooking process can often mute flavors as they cook, which is why you should follow certain seasoning rules.
To make sure your slow cooker meals are flavorful, use vibrant, strong ingredients to add more flavor to your recipe from the start. Ingredients like garlic, lemon juice, soy sauce, and vinegar can help brighten up dishes or add a bit of tanginess, and savory anchovies, dried mushrooms, or aromatic spices can really bring dishes to life.
Last, but not least, adding enough salt can help avoid a disappointing meal, since this salt makes any ingredient taste more like itself. As tempting as it is to dump in the ingredients and leave your slow cooker alone, think about the end result of the dish and use plenty of spices to give even basic recipes a satisfying flavor.