Ben and Jerry's Red Velvet Cake ice cream in carton on white background
Why You Should Double-Check Ice Cream Before Buying It
It’s common for grocery store ice cream to end up as an icy brick or gummy mess because temperatures in the freezers fluctuate so often. This is how to avoid purchasing a dud.
Examine the ice cream cartons at the grocery store. If you gently squeeze one and it feels soft, or it's covered in ice, the ice cream inside probably has an unpleasant texture.
If you can't find any cartons that seem like a good bet, you can ask if the store has more in the back. Once you take one home, don't subject it to any more temperature changes.
Always put the lid back on the carton tightly to stop ice crystals from forming in your ice cream. Also, never try to soften the dessert by putting the carton in the microwave.
Don't run the carton under hot water, either. Both the microwave and hot water cause melting and refreezing, but water can also get into the carton and dilute the ice cream.