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Why You Should Consider Using Mayo To Grill Tuna
While mayo is commonly used as a condiment on salads and sandwiches, or as a dip for French fries, it can also be used in high-heat cooking methods such as searing, grilling, and even baking. One excellent use for mayo is to use it to baste whole tuna steaks or filets on the grill, keeping the meat juicy and tender.
While oil often drips off of fish on the grill, a thicker mayo clings to the meat better and prevents the fish from sticking to the grill. Serious Eats adds that mayo also helps tuna cook more evenly, since it provides a layer of protection to the exterior of the fish and stops it from overcooking, leading to perfectly tender results.
Cooks who aren't fans of mayo may be concerned that using it to grill tuna will add distracting flavors to the fish. However, The Kitchn affirms that the mayo's "flavor isn't noticeable after cooking," and Real Simple agrees you can't taste the mayo once the grilling is done, making this method reliable for folks of all different palates.