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Why You Should Consider Using Mayo In Your Next Batch Of Muffins
The perfect muffins turn out moist, tender, fluffy, and of course, delicious, but as any baker knows, muffins can easily dry out. Some common reasons for dry muffins might include overcooking them, letting them cool in the pan, or over-mixing the batter, but luckily there’s one simple ingredient for perfectly moist muffins.
Mayonnaise is a popular condiment when it comes to making sandwiches, but it’s also a helpful addition for baked goods. It may sound strange, but mayo is the secret ingredient for super moist and extra tender baked goods.
Considering that mayo is made by combining eggs, oil, and vinegar or lemon juice — ingredients that typically belong in baked goods anyway — adding mayo isn’t so strange. To try it, swap the eggs and oil in your recipe out for mayonnaise, using three tablespoons for each egg.