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Why You Should Consider Using Aquafaba In Cocktails
Those who follow a plant-based diet may be familiar with aquafaba, a liquid byproduct of cooked or canned chickpeas that works as a vegan egg white substitute; it can even be whipped up into meringue. Another sweet application for aquafaba is to use it in cocktails that require foam, fizz, or airiness from traditional egg whites.
Sours and fizzes are popular cocktails that usually call for a raw egg white, which is shaken to create a lush, stable foam for a silky-smooth drink with perfectly softened flavors. If you avoid animal products or feel wary about consuming raw eggs, try using one ounce of aquafaba per cocktail to make a foam without eggs.
Aquafaba works great for sours and fizzes because its carbohydrates and proteins come together into a thick, foamy texture when shaken, mixed, or agitated. You can even freeze individual servings of aquafaba in an ice cube tray, so you'll never be too far from an egg-free whiskey sour, pisco sour, or gin fizz.