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Why You Should Consider Steeping Your Coffee
Instead of the ubiquitous drip-through we all know, steeped coffee is made through a steeping process similar to tea, with or without the bag. The French press method involves steeping coffee grounds directly in hot water before straining the spent grounds into the bottom of the container with a coffee ground plunger.
The recent favoritism of coffee drinkers for the French press’s steeping method and overall quicker resulting production methods have brought the tea-bag like coffee ground system into the forefront. This practice has been common practice in Japan since 2016 and it was named "best new product" at 2019’s annual Specialty Coffee Expo.
The only thing that makes steeping coffee, whose current manufacturers include Presto, Bean & Bean, and even Folgers, comparable to instant coffee, is its dependability to produce a cup on demand. It differs from traditional coffee brewing in that it uses real coffee grounds for the steeping process and gives you more control over the intensity of the finished product.