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Why You Should Consider Pouring Expensive Ingredients Last In Cocktails
A great homemade cocktail is something to be proud of, and with so many recipes available online, it’s easier than ever to become a home bartender who knows all the basics. However, doing cocktails right is not as simple as gathering all the parts and shaking everything together; keeping your ingredients in careful order can actually help you avoid waste.
When assembling a cocktail, Delish says to add the most expensive ingredient (most likely the liquor) last, regardless of what the recipe instructs. If you mess up your drink and have to discard it and start over, you can avoid pouring expensive booze down the drain, only getting rid of the cheaper ingredients you added first.
This method works best for drinks that you shake or stir before serving, like a Bloody Mary or Old Fashioned, but use common sense; for example, stick to the recipe for drinks whose visual appeal comes from the specific layering of the ingredients in the glass. Otherwise, follow Delish's advice to avoid pouring money down the sink.