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Why You Should Consider Making Extra Soup For Your Dinner Party
Dinner parties usually serve heavy entrées to guests, but a more modest and intimate dinner that features bowls of warming soups can be even better, especially during chilly seasons. A soup party is also a creative way to showcase a variety of soups and toppings, and is easier to prepare than a huge dinner — so long as you make enough soup.
When hosting a soup party, prepare twice the amount of each soup than you would usually make, so you won't run out when guests return for seconds and thirds. With liquid-heavy soups, your guests are likely to scoop out all the meat and veggies and won't go back for seconds if only broth is left, meaning they'll quickly deplete your supply of other soups.
Making twice the amount of every soup you plan to serve is the safest bet, but you can also try using smaller bowls to trick your guests into thinking they've eaten more. Either way, a soup dinner party is a great excuse to make the meals ahead of time and experiment with different recipes, since most soups freeze extremely well.