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Why You Should Consider Adding Sardines To Your Tuna Salad
Canned tuna is an incredibly versatile ingredient, but the canning process eliminates much of the fish's natural richness and leaves it dry, requiring a lot of condiments to be added for moisture. If you're bored of super mayo-heavy tuna salad recipes, there's a secret ingredient that will perk up your dish.
Sardines are often canned like tuna is, but they are a naturally oily, rich, fatty fish, which makes them a perfect remedy for canned tuna's dryness and relative blandness. Just add the sardines to your usual tuna salad recipe with anything from mayonnaise to mustard, sweet relish, red onion, celery, and herbs.
Not only do sardines improve the taste and texture of tuna salad, but they also offer tons of nutritional benefits. Mixing sardines with your tuna will also yield a more diverse nutritional profile, as sardines contain more Vitamin E, calcium, and omega-3s, while tuna offers high levels of Vitamin K.