A blue mixing bowl with a spoon, eggs, and chocolate.
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Why You Should Buy Your Mixing Bowls From A Restaurant Supply Store
If you aren't what one would call an enthusiastic cook, it's possible that subpar kitchen equipment is making you put in too much fuss and sucking the fun out of cooking. For equipment that's reliable and makes cooking easier, go to a restaurant supply store to buy items that are used almost daily, such as mixing bowls.
Mixing bowls often take a beating, and have to be sturdy if they're going to stand the test of time. You can count on a restaurant supply store to sell solid mixing bowls that won't dent or crack easily, and they come in just about every shape and size imaginable, as well as different materials that serve different purposes.
Whether you prefer glass or stainless steel, mixing bowls are good for more than combining ingredients, and are useful for tossing salads, kneading dough, and storing foods. If you can't find the perfect mixing bowl with the right material and size at a restaurant supply store, you probably aren't going to find it anywhere.