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Why You Should Brush Your Cake With Simple Syrup
There is no assurance that your cake will come out perfectly moist, even if you bake it for the recommended period of time and use the exact ingredients. Fortunately, there is a way to stop this from happening, and many professional bakers rely on it.
The easiest approach to keep cakes moist is to brush them with simple syrup, which will naturally sink into the crumb and replenish any moisture that has evaporated. Apply a thin layer of syrup to the cake's surfaces and edges with a pastry brush before decorating and assembling it.
Simple syrup can quickly create a moist crumb, but it won't significantly alter the other characteristics of your cake. Simple syrup is made from hot water and granulated sugar, and since you're only brushing it on the tops and sides of your cake, it shouldn't make it any sweeter.