Bowl of pasta salad with feta, tomato, cucumber and kalamata olives
Why You Should Bring Out Your Salad Spinner For Cold Pasta Dishes
Pasta salad with chilled noodles, fresh veggies, and a zesty sauce is always a refreshing and filling meal. To make it even better, try pulling out your salad spinner.
A salad spinner can mean the difference between a good pasta salad and a great one. The difference relies on how well you’re able to dry your pasta after cooking.
Residual water on your noodles can dull down the salad by preventing the dressing or sauce from properly clinging to the pasta, meaning less flavor in each bite.
While colanders are effective at draining, they’ll still leave a sheen of water clinging to your noodles. Spinning them in a salad spinner will wick away all that extra water.
Moreover, dry pasta will ensure a better texture in your dish and help with your presentation. Excess water can dull the vibrant colors of your pasta salad ingredients.