Half garlic bulb and garlic press on wooden cutting board
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Why You Should Be Using Your Garlic Press More Often
Studies show that eating garlic can benefit heart and bone health, cancer prevention, and even reduce the development of Alzheimer's. Garlic is also rich in vitamins and minerals, including manganese, selenium, and vitamins C and B6; however, these health benefits only activate when the garlic is sliced, diced, chopped, or smashed.
A garlic press is the best tool for getting the most out of this ingredient. The tool's ease of use and time-saving factor also makes it easy to use fresh-pressed garlic more often, giving you a health boost and your dishes a great flavor infusion, from garlic bread to salad dressings to marinades and more.
So, how do you choose the best garlic press? In addition to being well-constructed and comfortable to use, the most important feature of a garlic press is how easy it is to clean. If cleaning your garlic press takes longer than it would to just wipe off a knife or other tool, then you haven't chosen the right press.