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Why You Should Be Using A Slow Cooker To Braise Meat
Braised meat dishes feature a tender, falling-apart piece of meat that simmers in a moist environment, usually with flavorful liquid that reduces over a long, low-heat cooking process. Dutch ovens or heavy pots are common vessels for cooking a braise, but a slow cooker is an effective and less hands-on tool for the job.
Braising takes a long time because the collagen in fatty but tough cuts of meat, like lamb shank, pork shoulder, and short ribs, needs to break down into soft gelatin and make the meat tender. Rather than babysitting a pot on the stove, a slow cooker will allow you to braise the meat at the perfect temperature as you go about your day.
When braising, the collagen in meat has to hit a temperature range between 160 degrees Fahrenheit and 205 degrees Fahrenheit, which causes the protein to break down into a tender texture. Make sure to specify this temperature on your slow cooker and you can truly set it and forget it, then come home to a delicious braise.