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Why You Should Be Frying Eggs In Olive Oil
Fried eggs seem to be a part of every culture in the world, from an Indian shakshuka to a classic Spanish fry. Cooking them in butter is a preferred choice for many, but as it turns out, olive oil is one healthier alternative for frying eggs.
For a perfectly fried egg, put a pool of olive oil on medium heat until it is nice and hot, then crack the egg in, leaving it alone until the edges begin to crisp. Once the rim of the egg laces up, tilt the pan so the oil pools in one corner, scoop the oil onto the egg whites using a spoon, and finally, season with salt.
It is best to use room temperature eggs, since using eggs right out of the refrigerator will make them steam themselves while frying, the yoke won't be as runny, and the edges won't be as crispy. Extra virgin seems the best for fried eggs because it has the highest smoke point, and its natural flavor will be reduced when heated.