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Why You Should Be Cautious When Decorating A Cake With Fresh Flowers
If there's one surefire way to turn a homemade cake into a visual masterpiece, it's edible flowers. However, as charming as fresh flowers may be on a cake, you can't just go ahead and use any blooms plucked from your garden; here's why you should be cautious when decorating with flowers, and how to choose the right kind.
To keep yourself and your guests safe, choose flowers that have been designated as 100% edible only, and buy unsprayed blooms from reputable sources. Say yes to flowers like violets, pansies, marigolds, and peonies, but say no to hydrangeas, hyacinths, and daffodils, which can make you sick even if used as a garnish.
Be sure to wash and dry the flowers before getting them anywhere near your food, and only eat the petals, not the stems or other parts. Also, look for flowers grown without pesticides; a bouquet from the farmer's market is probably a good move, but you should take a pass on a bouquet from the grocery store.