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Why You Should Be Cautious When Cooking Eggplant With Oil
A delicious and versatile vegetable, eggplants are packed with essential nutrients like antioxidants, potassium, fiber, and vitamins A and C. With plenty of methods of preparing eggplants, what you need to be mindful of is how much oil you use while cooking them.
Eggplants basically act as sponges, so whether they're coated in a ton of cooking oil, or pan fried in oil, they tend to absorb too much of the fat, and end up dripping in grease. Your best course of action is to lightly brush the vegetable with oil before roasting, or pan searing them.
Alternatively, you can pre-salt your eggplants and let them sit for an hour to reduce the bitterness, remove extra moisture, and squashed any air bubbles that might soak up cooking oil. To accomplish this quicker, salt the cubed or sliced eggplant, put it in a paper towel, and briefly microwave it.