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Why You Should Be Careful When Saucing Smoked Meat
Whether it’s a smoked brisket or country-style ribs, there’s nothing like soothing your inner carnivore than with a serving of smoked meat, despite the notoriously long cooking time. An amazing way to improve your smoked meat is by adding sauce to complement the final product, but just be wary when it comes to this process, as one mistake can ruin everything.
BBQ Champs recommends using a light hand when applying sauces, paying attention to the different amounts of sauce required for each type of meat, and being especially cautious of sweeter sauces that can overpower the taste. While a ¾ cup of sauce — or one to two coats per side — is great for a slab of ribs, dishes like pulled pork only need a few tablespoons per serving.
Knowing when to add the sauce can also make or break your dish, with barbecue world champion Melissa Cookston advising to only apply it during the final stages of cooking. Not only will this prevent the meat from burning during the long cooking time, it also allows the condiment to stick to the meat and the sugars to caramelize, adding a deeper flavor to the dish.