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Why You Should Be Careful When Marinating Mushrooms
Mushroom season comes twice a year during the spring and fall, and if you're as mushroom-obsessed as we are, you're probably already planning fungi-centric recipes. However, if you want to marinate your mushrooms, remember that they're not like standard veggies and should be treated differently.
Though we often consider mushrooms to be vegetables, they're technically fungi, and shouldn't be marinated for as long as other veggies. Mushrooms are extremely porous, meaning they suck up and retain moisture; Serious Eats notes that marinating mushrooms for over 30 minutes can make them too juicy.
The good news is that mushrooms don't need to be marinated for hours; they're already wonderfully flavorful, so you just need to highlight their natural goodness. Consider adding herbs and some acidity to your mushroom marinade to complement their delicious earthy taste.