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Why You Should Be Air Frying Your 'Roast' Potatoes
It's hard to understate how much air fryers changed the game for home chefs when they first hit the market in 2010. Many cooks use air fryers as a go-to appliance for roasting vegetables, since the appliance cuts cooking time and the amount of fat needed for cooking by half.
One vegetable that seems destined for the air fryer is the humble potato; you can air-fry a pile of Yukon Golds into perfectly "roasted" chunks in under 30 minutes. In addition, roasting potatoes in the air fryer barely requires any extra cooking oil, giving it another advantage over the oven.
Cutting small potatoes in half before adding them to the fryer maximizes their fluffy interiors. When using the oven to roast the potatoes, you have to turn them occasionally to ensure that every side is cooked evenly, but when using the air fryer, all you have to do is shake the basket.