Baked black cod photographed in San Francisco , California, on Thursday,  February 11, 2016. (Photo By Liz Hafalia/The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
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Why You Should Bake Fish In A Glass Pan
When it comes to baking, tools are as important as the ingredients used. It turns out that a glass pan is the best tool for baking fish compared to a metal or aluminum pan.
While metal is a conductor, glass is an insulator, meaning it heats up slowly, retains the heat well, and cools down slowly. While this property can mean overly intense heat for desserts and other baked goods, it's a great one for fish, which benefits from the even heat of glass.
Metal pans also react with acidic ingredients compared to glass ones, causing off flavors. Baking fish in a glass pan means having the advantage of adding elements such as tomatoes, lemon juice, and olives without worrying about metal's reactivity.