Cast iron pan on circular wood chopping board containing sizzling strips of grilled steak with stripped peppers and onions
Why You Should Avoid Sautéing Vegetables With Meat
Sautéing vegetables and meat together may seem like a good way to save time, but in dishes where these ingredients mostly have to stand on their own, this could be a big mistake.
When you sauté meat with oil in a pan, it soaks up the oil and browns well, but when veggies soak up oil, they turn soggy. Most vegetables also release a lot of water as they cook.
Excess water in the pan diminishes browning and the Maillard reaction, which is what makes seared meat delicious. The result is soggy veggies and meat that hasn't browned well.
You can cook your meat and veggies in the same skillet, but cook the meat first, take it out, and then add in your veggies. Be especially careful with frozen veggies.