Butter melting in a frying pan
Why You Should Avoid Browning Salted Butter
Browned butter can elevate nearly any dish and is fairly easy to make. However, there are some pitfalls you should avoid, like trying to brown salted butter.
The process of browning butter involves cooking it until the water evaporates, which could be as much as 18% of the total weight of the butter, depending on the brand.
As you brown salted butter, the salt — which is roughly half a teaspoon per stick — becomes more concentrated and less diluted by water, resulting in an overwhelming salty flavor.
Additionally, it's hard to judge how much salt is actually in the butter or how it may affect the flavor of your food. It's much simpler to brown unsalted butter instead.
Unsalted butter also tends to be a touch fresher compared to its salted counterpart, leading to a purer, cleaner-tasting browned butter.