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Why You Should Always Use Shredded Green Cabbage For Creamy Casseroles
Casseroles are the perfect one-pan meal for weeknights and dinner parties, and cabbage casserole comes in many forms, including rich dishes with dairy products like cheese and cream. When you make casseroles like these, opt for shredded green cabbage instead of red cabbage for a better texture and visual appeal.
Shredded green cabbage will make your cabbage casserole creamier, as opposed to chopped cabbage, which has a more rustic appeal. Also, red cabbage's vibrant color can change when cooked and leach into other ingredients in a dish, which can give your casserole an off-putting gray-purple color, especially if it has dairy.
The pH levels in red cabbage, which determine its color, can be altered with acidic ingredients like lime juice so that the cabbage stays vibrant. However, your cabbage casserole recipe is unlikely to include lime juice or another major source of acid, meaning the cabbage will change color in an unappealing way when it's baked.