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Why You Should Always Use Baked Sweet Potatoes
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Potato Pie
Chances are that if you’ve ever attempted baking a sweet potato pie, you’ve done it the way everyone has mistakenly told you: boiling or steaming the potato first. However, by baking your sweet potato from the very beginning, you can save yourself from a runny filling and end up with a more concentrated flavor and caramelized texture.
Following simple instructions given to us by The Kitchn, just place the whole, unpeeled potato into the oven and bake for 375 degrees fahrenheit and bake for one hour, which will give you the perfect consistency for your pie. You can even bake the potatoes one week in advance before you use them!
If you try this method and still end up with a runny texture, just mix in one tablespoon at a time into your filling until the texture improves, and transfer it into your crust. If the filling is not setting, leave it in the oven for slightly longer than the original baking time, and cover the sides with aluminum foil or a pie crust shield to prevent overcooking them.