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Why You Should Always Toast The Oats For Your Oatmeal
Oatmeal is an easy, hearty, and healthy way to start your day, and with so many versatile toppings, you can switch up the flavor and texture in a snap. To add even more flavor and depth to your morning oatmeal, look away from the toppings for a moment and try this tip during the prep stage.
Toasting your oats before making oatmeal elevates their flavors and texture by adding deep, browned flavors. Browning happens when heat, amino acids, and sugars react with each other, creating new flavor compounds in foods and adding caramelized, roasted, meaty, and/or sweet notes.
When toasting your oats, try adding a fat like butter or coconut oil, which Chef Nate Wier says "adds a warm nutty flavor". Stir your oats in a heated skillet with the melted fat, and once a few minutes have passed and they’re a golden-brown color, proceed with your favorite oatmeal recipe as usual.