Lobster on plate next to lettuce and lemon
Why You Should Always Take Out The Rubber Bands Before Cooking Lobster
When it comes to lobsters, removing the rubber bands from their claws is not only a sign of respect, but it also holds the key to preserving the flavor of this exquisite delicacy.
The bands can impart a subtle rubbery flavor to the lobster meat, distracting from the natural sweetness and delicate nuances that make lobster a coveted indulgence.
To remove the rubber bands, gently hold the lobster by its body, grasp the lobster claw, and use scissors to snip the rubber band. Repeat for the other claw.
Avoid any forceful tugging that could damage the delicate meat, and with the rubber bands removed, begin cooking the lobster by boiling, steaming, or grilling it.
This subtle yet impactful gesture of removing rubber bands from lobster claws speaks volumes about our connection to the food we prepare and enjoy.