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Why You Should Always Salt Your Steak Before Cooking
As a summertime grill champion, you have your own method to create the best grill-to-table beef, from the type of steak cut to the manner of preparation. However you like your steak, the very best way to achieve the most savory meat is to use the simplest of ingredients: salt.
According to J. Kenji López-Alt, salting both sides overnight and resting the meat on a rack should bring out the best in your steak. Other chefs, like Thomas Keller, believe that the use of salt is an essential skill in cooking, so definitely put it into practice on your steak.
The bottom line is that salting your steak before cooking results in a juicy and tender final product. Experiment with timing, method, and even salt types, but definitely don't skimp on the salt–and like Salt Bae don’t be afraid to add it from a distance as opposed to close up!