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Why You Should Always Rinse Canned Beans
Beans are a go-to pantry item, providing a quick and easy way to bulk up meals while infusing your diet with valuable fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Though instant use is a primary incentive for choosing canned beans over dried ones, there's one important step you should take to ensure your recipe is a success — rinsing your beans.
The thick, cloudy liquid surrounding your favorite canned beans is edible, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's tasty or healthy. That's because the two major components in the liquid are salt and starch, which are used to preserve the beans and retain their color and composition.
One cup of canned black beans typically contains 27% of your recommended daily intake of salt, and the starch in the canned bean solution can alter the texture, composition, and liquid ratios of your recipe. That’s not to say there isn’t a use for the liquid — you can add a small amount to sauces, stews, or a casserole as needed, but make sure to taste it first, as each brand is different.