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Why You Should Always Read The Label Before Buying Orgeat Syrup
Orgeat syrup is a bar staple with a unique almond flavor that adds the perfect sweet touch to tiki drink classics, including the Mai Tai and the Scorpion. This sweetener plays well with all kinds of rum and fruity flavors, but if you're not careful, you could end up buying inauthentic orgeat syrup that doesn't pair well with any drinks at all.
Only syrup made with real almonds is worth your time. Using blanched ground almonds, sugar, water, brandy, and orange flower water, you can make your own, but it’ll only last about two weeks in your fridge; instead, buy a shelf-stable bottle that has real almonds in its ingredients list, avoiding the dreaded artificial almond flavoring.
A bottle of orgeat syrup made with real almonds will cost more, but the difference you taste in your cocktails will make it worth every penny. Check the label of any syrup you consider and don't settle for cheap almond extract, and you can even look for bottles without alcohol to make delicious orgeat mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.