Corn Tortillas. Food made with nixtamalized corn, a staple food in several American countries, an essential element in many Latin American dishes.
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Why You Should Always Order Homemade Tortillas At A Mexican Restaurant
It's not hard to find Mexican restaurants where the food is fresh and made to order, even including simple items like tortillas. Homemade tortillas provide an unmatched flavor and texture, and even if a restaurant's homemade tortillas cost more than you'd pay for packaged ones at the grocery store, ordering them is a must.
Factory-made tortillas often don’t have enough fat added to the dough, nor the elasticity to hold all of the ingredients of a good taco or burrito. Restaurants pay time, effort, and attention to detail when making their own tortillas, and you shouldn't pass up a convenient opportunity to experience what corn tortillas should really taste like.
Most restaurants keep their tortilla recipe a secret, but most are made of masa (corn flour) or wheat flour that is mixed with water and some salt and then formed into a dough. Places like Zapien's Salsa Grill and Taqueria even roll and press their tortillas to size, then warm them on a comal before serving them on hot plates to customers.