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Why You Should Always Lift A Watermelon Before Buying It
Unlike many other fruits, watermelons don't continue to ripen further after they've been removed from the vine, so picking the right, perfectly ripe, one is especially crucial. So how can you avoid those lackluster duds and pick the right watermelon, one that is perfectly ripe, sweet, juicy, and delicious?
As you're choosing between different watermelons from a roadside stand, at the farmers market, or in the produce section of your favorite grocery store, you should always lift them up. In fact, you should lift up a few watermelons to feel their weight, and then select the one that feels the heaviest relative to its size.
As the name suggests, watermelons are mostly made up of water — 92% in fact, according to the Food Network. As Healthline explains, the heavier a watermelon feels, the more water it contains, and the sweeter and riper it is.