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Why You Should Always Let A Casserole Sit After Baking
Casseroles, which refer to any dish made with vegetables, protein, and/or starch layered and baked in a casserole dish, are the epitome of comfort food. Many casserole recipes are easy to assemble and stick in the oven for a while, but one important step must be done after the dish has already been cooked.
A delicious-smelling casserole can be hard to resist, but you need to fight the urge to dig in as soon as it comes out of the oven. After baking, if the edges of the dish are still bubbling and steam rises from the center, it's best to wait and let the casserole cool for about 20 minutes to ensure the tastiest end product.
Letting your casserole cool will allow liquids to be reabsorbed and help firm up creamy ingredients like soup, sauce, or melted cheese. This makes the casserole easier to cut and serve, and it will look more visually appealing when all its layers are set and defined, not running all over the place.