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Why You Should Always Keep Tomato Powder In Your Pantry
You may always have cans of tomatoes in your cabinets for rainy days, but have you ever considered always keeping tomato powder on hand? Created after pulverizing dehydrated tomatoes, tomato powder allows cooks to enjoy endless dishes packed full of flavor year round.
Initially created to be a sort of instant tomato sauce or paste, tomato powder provides a deep and concentrated tomato flavor for whichever dish it's used. The powder is also extremely versatile, acting essentially as a spice in its dried form, and can be kept in your refrigerator almost indefinitely.
Tomato powder can be used in two main ways: as a spice and as an instant tomato sauce or paste. When used as a spice, tomato powder can be added to a spice rub, sprinkled over your pizza or pasta, or used as a seasoning on meats or roasted vegetables; rehydrated, it rivals canned tomato pastes and purees in flavor.